Sr. Leadership Coach & Consultant

Veronica Jackson is a seasoned leader, coach and consultant with commitment and experience in the education sector. From teaching students to becoming the Principal at Florida Virtual School, she has a love for educating others through practical experiences. She additionally served as a cultural representative for organizations and partnered with Student Support Services to foster and instruct educational opportunities to students during multi-cultural events. She recently received her Associate Diversity Coach certification through Coach Diversity Institute.

She led and designed the implementation of the Customer Retention Center and worked as a Quality Assurance Manager within the Curriculum Department assisting with the processes to ensure quality in the development and maintenance of the academic content. Transitioning to Area Superintendent, she participated in the school’s overall planning the Instructional Team’s and Processes. This included the hiring, professional development, and more. Veronica also established the school’s first diversity program focused on broadening student’s exposure to multiculturalism. 

With a sense of humor and a smile, she is always excited at the opportunity to collaborate with other teams. Whether in class, as a principal, a dean, or an Area Superintendent, she works with one motto: Students First. She believes that, by keeping students at the center of every decision, learning should be both exciting and meaningful. She thrives in learning and living in new cultures. She comes from a diverse family background and has traveled the world extensively as a child and a young adult. One of her goals is to work with Institutions to guide them in solving the teacher retention crisis and putting RESPECT back into teaching.