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We partner with organizations to create Authentic, Inclusive and Hyper-Engaged Individuals and Teams.

We empower individuals to become dynamic, confident and self- assured people who: know their worth, their strengths, their non-negotiables and have the tools needed to survive, thrive and add value to organizations and themselves.

Workforce Solutions
Tom Jones

We put teams and individuals first.

Authentic Culture & Engagement Solutions, Inc. is a women-owned consulting firm whose mission is to provide assistance, guidance and customized solutions to teams and individuals trying to navigate the complex terrain of inclusion, diversity, equity, and engagement.

We understand the value that emerges from diverse talent in the workplace. We commit to building strong partnerships that act as a catalyst for inclusive leadership, culture and hyper-engaged team performance.

Areas of expertise are diversity, inclusion, cultural competency, employee relations, and leadership development. We are committed to creating teams & individuals who communicate effectively, recognize their value, develop themselves as leaders, and contribute exponentially to their organizations.


ACE Solutions, Inc.Six Core Values we are Committed to:

  • Authenticity

    Being true to one’s own personality, spirit, values and/or character.

  • Creativity

    We will seek to understand the nuances of your organization and create solutions that are engaging, exciting and effective.

  • Inclusion & Diversity

    We value, include and respect all people

  • Continuous Improvement

    We will evaluate our interactions based on client expectations, feedback, and introspection. We will continually adjust and modify as needed to exceed expectations.

  • Integrity

    Our word is the foundation upon which we honor our commitments.

  • Compassion

    We are passionate about the work we do in our community. We are committed to transforming individuals, our work place, and world.


Service OfferingsSolutions for teams and individuals

We do both because World Class Organizations are made up of dynamic, confident and authentic people!


  • Executive Coaching

  • Consulting

  • Workshops and Training

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Diversity Crisis Management


  • Career Coaching

  • Brand Building

  • Employee Advocacy

  • Salary Negotiations

  • Exit Strategy Development

As you look at your people, culture and inclusion strategy contact us. We will effectively infuse authenticity, creativity & energy into your solutions.

"Deloria is a very high energy, enthusiastic, friendly, caring person that exudes positive influence where-ever she goes. She has the natural ability to captivate an audience with her high energy. Deloria conducted an Inclusive Leadership workshop and wowed, engaged and motivated 50 participants."
- Rosy Pendygraft
Director, In Flight Base Operations
Spirit Airlines